Products - Memo Book Classic

Memo Book ClassicMemo Book Classic is similar to Memo Book, but only available for Windows. The Classic version offers some additional features:

  • Attached images can be embedded in the document
  • Attached files can be linked from the document
  • Attached files can be stored in folders and sub-folders
  • Advanced drag&drop-functionality
  • Advanced WYSIWYG-functionality
  • Document structure can be exported as PDF or CHM-file
  • Document structure is searchable for keywords
  • Spelling correction for many languages

Single storage file
All documents and attached files are stored in a single storage file, which makes it easy, to share the content between different devices. The storage files can be encrypted with one of the best encryption algorithm. Please note, that the storage files from Memo Book and Memo Book Classic are not compatible with each other.

Document-StructureDocuments can be arranged in a tree structure. Each document can be the parent document of another document. Documents can be moved per drag&drop to another location in the structure. The whole structure or only a part of the structure can be exported as another Memo Book file, a PDF file or a CHM file. The structure is searchable for keywords. The number of documents is unlimited.

WYSIWYG-EditorThe text editor offers advanced WYSIWYG functionality. Images can be embedded from the attachments or from a drive. The text editor also offers spelling correction for many languages. The number of character for each document is unlimited.

File-AttachmentsEach document can hold attached files of every type, which can be stored in folders and sub-folders. Files can be attached easily by drag&drop. An unlimited number of files can be attached. The size of each file is limited to 2 GB.