Memo Book

Memo BookMemo Book offers WYSIWYG-formatted notes which can be arranged in a tree structure. Each note can hold attached files. Both, notes and attachments are stored in a single file which makes it easier to share between different devices. A password protection with a strong encryption algorithm ensures that the data remains secure. These features make this program suitable to collect and organize your ideas, for example, to writing diaries, ebooks or storing confidential information. Memo Book is available for Windows and Android.

Single storage file

The single storage file, making it easy to share the content between different devices. Memo Book is also available for Windows as well as Android.

Structured notes

Notes can be arranged in a tree structure. Each note can be the parent of another note and can also be moved to a different location in the structure.

Text editor

The text editor offers full WYSIWYG functionality. The text can be formatted like most common word processing programs. The number of character for a note is not limited.


Each note can hold attached files of every type. Files can be attached easily by drag and drop. Attached files can also be exported back to the hard drive.


As soon as a password has been assigned, all notes, including the attached files, are permanently encrypted with one of the best encryption algorithm (AES256). Notes and attached files will be decrypted on the fly as required. Decryption is only active as long as the program is running. No unencrypted data are saved on the storage medium.